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Paul Hale

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organ consultant · organ recitalist

Illustrated lectures and talks

Recent Organ Projects

I delivered this talk — entitled Recent Organ Projects — their challenges and opportunities — via Zoom on 17 May 2021 at the invitation of the Nottingham & District Society of Organists. The talk is about a number of interesting projects of mine, lasts for 90 minutes, and is in two parts. The links below are to the talk on YouTube, and will open in a new tab or window:
Recent Projects: part one and Recent Projects: part two

Paul Hale lecturing on <em>Painted Pipes make Merrier Music</em>

Painted Organ Pipes

I regularly present a 280-slide illustrated lecture on Painted Organ Pipes over the centuries. Entitled for the Three Choirs Festival by my agent (PVA) Painted Pipes make Merrier Music, this talk fascinates by the sheer richness of the sight of so many stunning British organ cases.
I am happy to be invited to present this lecture, which takes a maximum of two hours including a break. Several organists’ associations have enjoyed it, as well as the Conference of Diocesan Organ Advisers, the Worcester Three Choirs Festival, the St Albans International Organ Festival, and audiences in the USA and Germany.

Please contact me for further information.
Enjoy this photo of the dramatic organ case at Usk (Gray & Davison, 1861), restored by Nicholsons in 2005.

Gray & Davison case at Usk
Gray & Davison case at Usk