8th September 2019

Williams Wynne Snetzler organ, National Museum, Cardiff

It has been a stimulating weekend in Cardiff, where the RCO, IAO and BIOS have mounted this year’s three-day Organ Fest. RCO President Gerald Brooks gave immaculately prepared recitals on the two splendid 3-manual Father Willis organs in the city, David Briggs performed an heroic programme on the majestic Nicholson in Llandaff Cathedral (to be broadcast later this month on BBC Radio 3), and a most interesting lecture recital was given in the National Museum of Wales, centred on the Snetzler / Green / Gray & Davison organ in its beautiful and unique Robert Adam case. Anne and I enjoyed all the music and also the social aspects of the weekend, meeting up with many friends. I took a photo of the wonderful Snetzler in the museum; the trip was worth the effort for this organ alone.

1887 Father Willis console, Eglwys Dewi Sant, Cardiff