8th May 2020

It’s been something of a blessing to have had time over the past six weeks to tidy and file everything that needs tidying and filing, to get in two really solid organ practice sessions a day, and to enjoy plenty of reading. However, there was still time for something else: then it came to me — Meccano!

Guess the Meccano model competition
My Meccano has been in various lofts for 55 years, so out it came, topped up via Ebay, and I’ve embarked on making the tricky model which last defeated me at the age of 12. I’m determined it will not do so now I’m 68! I’ll post photos of sections of it as they are made, and think it would be fun to have a little competition: the first reader who correctly identifies the precise model (name and number) I’m making will be send a copy of my Southwell Minster organ CD ‘Southwell Splendour’ which has a choice of music to suit everybody.
So, over to you, and here is an image of the first section I completed. What’s the model going to be??