10th October 2021

Paul at Ranmoor

It has been such a delight getting back into the swing of giving organ recitals. I love inaugural recitals on rebuilt organs – particularly if they have been projects on which I have advised – for one can demonstrate all the colours of the refreshed organ and send everyone away happy, convinced that their money has been well spent as the organ sounds so fine. The most recent took place last week – the first at St Margaret’s, Olton (Solihull) and the second at St John the Evangelist, Ranmoor (Sheffield). I’ve written booklets about both organs, which you’ll find here: https://paulhale.org/publications/books-booklets/. Talking to a smiling audience again has been a great joy. Two rehearsal photos accompany this news item. Two more recitals coming up in the last week of October, and then two in early November. Can’t wait to get stuck in.

Paul at Olton