27th May 2022

Paul with Stephen Cooper, in the nave of Southwell Minster

It’s been a busy few days since playing at Boston on Monday last week.  First was a lunchtime recital at Retford last Thursday, then Saturday was spent in Guildford as President of the Organ Club, enjoying our cathedral and church visits.  Off to the Isle of Wight after the weekend, to prepare a talk and demonstration programme (Jongen, Vierne, Franck & Hakim) on the very beautiful restored Mutin Cavaillé-Coll at Quarr Abbey.  And then, today, I played the piano in a song recital with baritone Stephen Cooper at Southwell Minster.  Dichterliebe was the centrepiece, preluded by songs by Quilter, Finzi and Southwell’s own Guy Turner.  A real delight sitting again at the Bechstein grand in the Minster’s nave: a venerable piano, indeed, but perfect for song accompaniment.  Next week it’s off on Wednesday to give a 12.30pm recital on Thursday June 2nd at Christchurch Priory.  I always enjoy that organ, having first heard it as an organ-mad teenager, 54 years ago.

Paul’s poster outside St Swithun, Retford
The attractive ‘functional display’ of Guildford Cathedral’s Positive Organ
Members of the Cathedral Organists’ Association in Quarr Abbey