21st December 2022

Heavy pressure reeds at Hull City Hall

My final organ survey of 2022 (no.36) has been to Hull City Hall – a two-day undertaking on 20th & 21st December.  The enormous organ is full of impressive sights and I share three views here.  The first is a group of four 1951 Compton chests containing some of the heavy wind pressure reeds, including an enormously powerful and very fine Tuba on 22ins pressure.  Many of the pipes are by Compton but the smaller-scaled ranks are Forster & Andrews 1911, revoiced Compton.  Just imagine having to tune this lot!  Getting the reed knife in to the central rank (the Tuba) must be a huge challenge.  I was careful not to disturb them. 

Vibraphone at Hull City Hall

The second photo is of the Vibraphone, which has a beautiful tone: this organ has five large percussion units within it, all by Compton and ex-cinema.

Paul among large Pedal pipes at Hull City Hall

The final photo is of yours truly surrounded by the 16/8/4 Major Bass rank, with bottom D of the 32ft reed mitred just next to me.  D sharp can be seen below it and bottom C in the background.  What a spectacular organ with which to close my year!