11th August 2021

Jill Godsall, me, Arthur Brooker

In September 1963 I started at Solihull School, aged eleven, having taken a piano grade each year since the age of seven, taught by Mrs Sheasby at Cedarhurst School, Solihull. At Solihull School (then boys only) my piano teacher was the vivacious young Jill Godsall, to whom the most handsome 6th Form music scholars seemed to pay court – sometimes in my lessons. I owe Jill so much and have been delighted to be in regular contact with her over the years. No less vivacious now, 58 years later (after teaching at the school for an astonishing sixty years), she and her partner Arthur Brooker (a Master at the school from 1968) came to visit us on August 9th. It was a joy to show them Bingham and Southwell Minster and to record the happy day with this photograph.