3rd September 2021

The organ of St Margaret’s church, Olton (Solihull)

Today I signed off as complete a major rebuild of the first parish church organ I played – back in 1965.  Norman & Beard built a small 3-manual organ for St Margaret’s church, Olton (Solihull) in 1900.  Electrified and enlarged by a dreadful organ ‘bodger’ in 1966, this organ has been revisited by four other firms over the past 40+ years in attempts to ‘get it right’ but had to wait until 2020-21 for a complete root and branch rebuild, which included turning most of it round to speak better down the nave.  Several new soundboards, a new action, new wind system, enhanced and rationalised tonal scheme and rebuilt console – all these have been achieved by Henry Groves & Son (Nottingham). On October 2nd I shall have the great pleasure of giving the inaugural recital on this now splendidly impressive and colourful 44-speaking-stop organ.

Aisle view, without front pipes